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updated: 2023/03/28

購物須知 Shopping Notice

1. Order 訂購

1.1 The ordering procedure 訂購流程

A detailed description of the Products is available to any individual visiting the Site(www.dlictea.com), except for whom from the countries which list in shipping policy.
每個人都可從DLIC TEA 網站上的購物。

The system put into place involves active steps on your part. It complies with the requirements of law in the domain of online sales and consumer protection.

To order the Products you wish, enter onto the product sheet the items you wish to purchase by clicking on the photograph; select the desired quantity, then click on «add to cart ». Your choices will be added to your cart automatically.
在DLIC TEA網站購物,點選欲購買的產品圖片、選擇購買數量後,加入購物車。根據網站上的訂購步驟完成訂購。

You may select several Products in a given reference by changing the quantities in your order summary and clicking on the button " Checkout". Fill-in the form with your complete details and payment means. After that, select the shipping way you need. The system will calculate the total amount you have to pay for.
可以選取不同產品與數量加入購物車內。點選Check out後,在訂購表內填入收件人相關資訊、付款方式與寄送方式。之後系統會自動計算總金額。

1.2 Order Acceptance 訂單確認

DLIC TEA pledges to accept orders placed via the Internet, within the limit of available stocks, on the terms of this instruction, which you must declare you have read and accepted when you validate your order.
DLIC TEA 十分感謝每一筆訂單。但在訂購時請留意商品庫存狀態,庫存會影響處理運送時間。

Before concluding the sale contract, an order form will be displayed on your screen resuming in detail your entire order, the price, cost of delivery and shipping information. Please finish paying on line via Paypal.

1.3 Limitations 限制

Orders will be accepted only after receipt of full payment and will be confirmed by DLIC TEA. We will contact you by email address "service@dlictea.com".
付款後才會完成整個訂購流程,DLIC TEA會寄送訂購確認電子郵件。後續相關連絡會使用service@dlictea.com 信箱聯絡。

DLIC TEA reserves the right to cancel all orders which are invalid, suspicious or which are placed in poor faith. Furthermore, we reserve the right to refuse all orders from a client with whom any prior or ongoing litigation exists.
DLIC TEA 在以下情況下,保留取消訂單的權利:

  1. Payment is not done in a week.
  2. Recipient information is not clear.

2. Prices 價格

The prices displayed are in Pound and all include tax but without shipping fee.

The prices are net prices including the price of the Products, the handling costs, packaging and storage costs.

Prices are valid on the date of the validation of the order. They may be modified subsequently, without notice.

發票將隨貨寄出,若您於收到商品時未收到發票,請到『聯絡我們 Contact us』網頁留言、撥打客服專線或以Line聯絡(@dlictea),並註明訂購資料,我們將儘速回覆。

3. Payment Terms 付款方式

The Products purchased on our Site are paid in full at the time of the order. The Products shall remain the property of DLIC TEA until full payment of the orders.
在網站上訂購DLIC TEA產品,若採用線上付款方式,必須在當下支付完整訂購款項。產品所有權將在付款後轉移到顧客。

Payments are made by bank card/credit card (Master Card, Visa) , JKO Pay (TWD only), Line Pay (TWD only) and Paypal.
亦可使用信用卡線上付款(可選擇用藍新付款介面)、Paypal、街口支付JKO Pay、Line Pay或於銀行匯款轉帳。

When you make payments by credit card, please fill in correct and detail information so banks can do authorization.

Customers who pay USD, EUR, HKD, RMB, SGD or others, please make a payment via PayPal.

Customers who make payments by credit cards issued by UnionPay, please finish 3-D secure process. The 3-D secure code will be sent by issue banks to your cellphone.

We provide customers in Taiwan with pay-at-pickup service at convenience store CVS (7-11/Family Mart/ Hi Life) or home delivery.


4. SHIPPING 運送方式

4.1 Taiwan (including Penghu, Kinmen and Matsu) 台澎金馬可使用以下配送方式:

  1. Home delivery by Chunghwa Post.
  2. Pick-up service at convenience store: 7-11/Family Mart/ Hi Life.
    便利商店取貨/取貨付款:可選用 7-ELEVEN 統一超商、FamilyMart 全家便利商店與萊爾富。

4.2 Shipping Outside Taiwan (China, Hong Kong, Macau) 中港澳

China, Hongkong, Macau by SF EXPRESS. In order to cooperate with China Customs Regulation, please register recipient information online and provide recipient ID and phone number to us.
中國、香港、澳門將使用順豐快遞(SF EXPRESS)。為配合中國進口個人包裹實名制,請中國收件者完成進口收貨人實名認證作業,並在訂購時提供收件者身分證字號與聯絡電話。

4.3 Rest of Area 其他區域

We will use air parcel, EMS or e-pack for the rest of areas. 其他區域將使用郵局國際包裹、國際e小包或EMS出貨。

For eco-friendly, we will pack the products you purchase by using recycled, clean paper-box, bubble paper or foam net.

5. Shipping Fee 運費

We only charge shipping fee for fixed rate. 運費只收取固定基本費。

  • 自2023/02/01開始,運費將調整為新台幣70元,結帳金額超過新台幣999(含) 免運費。Taiwan: NTD 70 (from 202/02/01). Free shipping for spending over NTD 999 (inclusive)
Courier 運送業者Area 地區Shipping Cost運費
郵局/超商台澎金馬NTD 70
SF Express 順豐China, HongKong, Macau 中港澳NTD 200
國際e小包 ePacket
Japan, South Korea 日本、韓國
NTD 250
國際e小包 ePacket
UK, FR, DE, DK, PO, NO, NL  英國、法國、德國、挪威、丹麥、波蘭、荷蘭
NTD 330
國際e小包 ePacket
TH, VN, MY, SG# 
NTD 250
Air Parcel of Postal Service 郵局包裹Spain, Slovakia, Austria. 西班牙、斯洛伐克、奧地利NTD 550
Air Parcel of Postal Service 郵局包裹Finland, Lithuania, Swiss, Sweden 芬蘭、立陶宛、瑞士、瑞典NTD 720
Air Parcel of Postal Service 郵局包裹USA 美國NTD 605
國際e小包 ePacketAustralia, New ZealandNTD 450
國際e小包 ePacketCanada 加拿大NTD 500
EMSSouth Asia 東南亞@NTD 750
Air Parcel of Postal Service 郵局包裹
Belgium, Czech, Italy. 比利時、捷克與義大利NTD 700
Registered Small Packet 國際掛號小包IE 愛爾蘭NTD 325

  • 若使用Vpost出貨,目的地視為台灣,訂單金額滿NTD999(含),即享免運。訂單金額未達NTD999元,須支付運費NTD70。
  • If you use Vpost service, the destination is view as Taiwan. Free shipping for spending over NTD 999 (inclusive); otherwise, it costs NTD 70.

6. Processing/Delivery Time 出貨處理/送達時間

Processing Time: 1-2 business day(s)

Delivery time varies because of COVID-19.

Courier 運送業者Area 地區Delivery Time 運送時間*
SF Express 順豐China 中國3-21 days
SF Express 順豐HongKong, Macau 港澳2-7 days
國際e小包 ePacketJapan, Korea 日本、韓國5-14 days
國際e小包 ePacket
UK, FR, DE, DK, PO, NO, NL  英國、法國、德國、挪威、丹麥、波蘭、荷蘭
5-21 days
Air Parcel of Postal Service 郵局包裹
ES, SK, AT, FI, LTU, CH, SE 西班牙、斯洛伐克、奧地利、芬蘭、立陶宛、瑞士、瑞典
5-21 days
國際e小包 ePacket
TH, VN, MY, SG# 
5-21 days
Air Parcel of Postal Service 郵局包裹
USA 美國7-21 days
國際e小包 ePacketAustralia, New Zealand
7-21 days
國際e小包 ePacketCanada 加拿大7-21 days
EMSSouth Asia 東南亞@3-14 days
Air Parcel of Postal Service 郵局包裹
Belgium, Czech and Italy. 比利時、捷克與義大利7-21 days
Registered Small Packet 國際掛號小包IE 愛爾蘭7-21 days

@ South Asia 東南亞:Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippine. 孟加拉、印尼跟菲律賓。

*Business days 工作日

7. 反詐騙 Anti-Fraud

DLIC TEA 只會在訂單付款失敗或是收件資訊不完全時會主動聯絡。若有疑慮,請撥打165反詐騙專線。

We only contact our customers when the information of recipient is incomplete. If you have any concerns, please call anti-fraud hotline: 165 in Taiwan or contact us via FB/IG/LINE.