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DLIC TEA : 用一杯好茶點亮生活



創立於2017年,產品以台灣傳統茶文化基底,搭配特選台灣在地特產、配合現代人生活方式推出不同的茶品與包裝,用一杯好茶點亮生活。Deligted life, DLIC TEA.

Good tea is unforgettable and worthy of re-tasting.
Started to drink tea while little but had no interest. When getting older, suddenly realized that drinking tea is one of happiest thing in daily life and can be enjoyable. Delighted your life by having a cup of tea.


DLIC TEA 堅持 |Our Insistence

  1. 茶園茶源:大多來自阿里山區,自然高山環境雲霧繚繞與肥沃土地適合茶樹生長,造就獨特風味。
  2. 自主檢驗與產品責任:茶品農藥殘留檢驗合格。每年自主送驗,安心飲用。堅持不混茶與單一茶來源。並投保南山產品責任險一千萬元。
  3. 原葉茶包:DLIC TEA 茶包材質採用日本進口PET與PLA立體茶包。依照不同茶品,使用不同材質與重量,茶包的立體空間讓茶葉有足夠空間舒展,且透明外觀可直接看到內容物。
  4. 快速出貨:理解茶客們想盡快品嘗茶香的心,在1-2個工作天內即完成出貨。

設計理念 |Design Inspiration

融入台灣元素設計產品包裝,如窗花與台灣特有種動物。DLIC TEA 之Logo 元素結合台灣特有種動物-臺灣藍鵲及其羽毛,代表台灣茶之獨特性。窗花的發想,來自於小時候的回鄉下的記憶。窗花逐漸消逝,以窗花融入包裝,即便街頭上窗花越來越少見,但已融入台灣人生活中。

We use unique Taiwan elements to design our packaging. Taiwan magpie is endemic to Taiwan. Just like tea, each place has special taste and flavor. The logo is combined with "D" as bird's body and "I" as bird's feather to show the speciality of our brand. Besides, Taiwanese Iron Window Grills are also the inspiration, which come from traditional Taiwanese country life. Even though Iron Window Grills are fading in modern world, it has been part of Taiwanese culture and into our life.

軼聞 |Anecdote

因為英文字D的設計結合了臺灣藍鵲的特色,有被人誤認為菜刀,因此有菜刀鳥的稱呼,DLIC TEA也被稱作菜刀鳥茶葉。

Because of the design of D, which is the combination of characteristics of Taiwan magpie, it seems to be a knife. That is, DLIC TEA also called Knife DLIC TEA